Sarantos Releases “911 & The Fallen” Tribute To September 11th Victims, Heroes

The prolific singer, songwriter, producer, author, poet and radio show host continues his monthly music releases with his September 11th tribute.

It’s heartfelt…All I tried to accomplish was an homage to the heroes of that day.”— Sarantos

Sarantos continues to pour out his prolific soul in words and music. With monthly singles, poems, lyric and official music videos, and chapters from his books being released nonstop, the chart-topping artist remains as reflective as ever on his latest, “911 & The Fallen.” The song is a twentieth anniversary tribute to those who lost their lives during the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on America. Bookended by a 911 emergency soundbyte, Sarantos delivers a heart-wrenching memoriam, remembering both victims and heroes of the tragic events.

Sarantos says, “I have mixed feelings on this extremely experimental song. On the one hand, I think it’s heartfelt and well done. But, I find it hard to listen to this kind of song more than once. The subject matter is very somber and a little difficult to hear…All I tried to accomplish was an homage to the heroes of that day. I sang it softly, almost hauntingly. The melody is meant to take the listener away to another world…”

“Pale panic as the day turned black
Millions broken watching their screens
Trying to make sense of the mess
Praying for loved one and their dreams
All the while cops n’ firefighters
Trusted their instincts (Put) their life on the line
Why do we always forget?
They’re heroes…they do this all the time”
–Sarantos, “911 & The Fallen”

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ABOUT SARANTOS: Sarantos is an international award-winning solo music artist, Top 5 iTunes UK Charting singer-songwriter, #1 iTunes South Africa Charting Folk artist, proud nerd, multi-instrumentalist, book author, comic book nut, radio show host, poet, and part-time spy. With close to one million social media followers and plays across Spotify and YouTube, Sarantos has released 14 albums with 178 original tracks, as well as 7 fiction/fantasy books that parallel the songs. Sarantos has also had numerous media placements for his songs, instrumentals & cues.

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