Chad Post Shares Dark Electro Banger “If I Was God”

Singer, songwriter and social media star Chad Post has just unveiled his latest single.  Called “If I Was God”, the track is moody and dark with penetrating synths, warm bass and Post’s impassioned vocals that are sure to impress. On the release, the songwriter confides, “most heartbreaking realizations in life is that we have no control over love. You could have the best body in the world, be the most attractive person on the planet, the most intelligent, the richest—you could literally be ‘God’ and still, the person you’re in love with can want nothing to do with you. That’s one of the hardest lessons to learn. You can’t improve and out-perform yourself, because they just don’t want you. And maybe that’s on them.” 

“If I Was God” follows Chad Post’s 2021 dance pop album Kingdom + Exile. The new single is a riveting release and we can’t wait to hear what is next from this rising newcomer.