KEANA Drops New Single & Visuals for “Teardrops”

Electro dream pop artist and producer KEANA just released her new single and visuals for “Teardrops.” The artist’s new song is about loving yourself and exercising healthy behaviors in relationships. The track features dream-like vocals, earnest lyricism and mesmerizing synth pop production. KEANA confides, ” ‘Teardrops’ speaks about realizing someone can only love you as much as they love themselves. The story is about being in a relationship with a “Fixer-upper,” this person seems put together on the outside but deep down they’re filled with insecurity and fear which often gets taken out on the partner. Eventually I take comfort in feeling my emotions and wish the other person would do the same.”

Influenced by artists such as include Lana Del Rey, Grimes, Portishead, Massive Attack, and Bjork, KEANA has a unique signature sound that is immersive, and dreamy, providing the ultimate escape from the mundane.

Listen and Watch KEANA’s “Teardrops” here: