Zack Landry Reminds Us To “Hold On” With Latest Single

Zack Landry has a gift and love of music. After sitting in front of a keyboard, duplicating the music he heard, he was encouraged to pursue music. Zack began to play the organ and piano at age 15. He was then placed in classes where he learned how to read music. It did not take long for his family to realize that he was given the gift of music by God. Zack was fortunate to play songs with a group of friends in a band called Phaze. The group was created in 2008 and in October 2015, Zack and Phaze recorded the album, “Come On, Praise Him.” The artist has released many more projects since then, among all them is ‘Hold On’.

‘Hold On’ is a song about not giving up and remembering that God will provide. It’s a message many may need in these times, but easily can be applied to any situation in any person’s life. Regardless, it’s a moment of upliftment to give reprieve to the chaos. There’s just something about Gospel music that’s inspiring, which becomes ten-fold when it’s black Gospel music. It just refuses to hit you any shallower than the soul.

Going even further, nothing beats a good harmony and this song gives an unending amount of beautiful vocal blending. Not to mention the instrumentation providing some stellar ear candy. And if you’re one for the instrumentals, then you’ll agree when I say that electric guitar is the icing on this cake. Unsurprisingly, this song sticks with you long after it’s finished.

I believe that Zack Landry made this song to help people through the world-wide crisis. But also, to remind us that despite everything, our own troubles and worries are seen by God and He always pulls through. We just need faith. I hope those that need this song most will feel it’s power.