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Young and Authentic: Skaivi, the Emerging Voice in Electronic Music

At just 20 years old, Chicago’s very own Skaivi is making a name for

herself as an electronic songwriter, producer, and singer. Her story is one of a genuine love for music and a relentless drive to create, resulting in a unique blend of sounds that resonates with fans across the spectrum.Skaivi’s musical journey began early, with her childhood days filled with singing and dancing to anything that caught her ear. Inspired by artists like Lady Gaga and fueled by an innate curiosity, she started writing her own songs at the age of twelve. “I wanted to do my own thing and express my creativity, just like the musicians I looked up to,” says Skaivi. The result? A couple hundred song lyrics penned during her formative years.

Fast forward to the age of seventeen, when Skaivi decided to take a leap into music production. Armed with an iPhone SE and GarageBand, she began experimenting and crafting her own beats. Though the setup may have been minimal, the passion was anything but. While a laptop eventually replaced the phone, those early experiences shaped Skaivi’s affinity for electronic music. “I’m a dabbler in every genre,but electronic feels like home,” admits Skaivi. “It’s where I have the most fun with my ideas. That said, I’m excited to explore other genres like industrial, rock, and metal.”

Skaivi’s journey isn’t just about music; it’s a narrative woven with diverse threads. Her Polish and Slovak heritage, a fervent advocacy for veganism and animal rights, and a stint as a percussionist in her elementary school’s band contribute to her multifaceted personality. Skaivi’s love for metal, electronic,and disco further creates a unique palette that informs her creative process.“I hope my music brings joy,” says Skaivi. “And I hope you’ll join me as I keep learning and growing.”While Skaivi’s journey is still unfolding, her authenticity and relatability are winning hearts. With a guitar and piano in hand and a spirit open to growth, Skaivi’s path in music is a promising one, reminding us all that it’s the love for what you do that truly counts.

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