What the GOP Really Stands For.. Gift Of Praise~

What the GOP really stands for… Gift Of Praise! The GodFather of Gospel Arthur Sutton has a brand new song just out ‘ ‘He Extended My Life” which is slated to become a huge crossover genre song, following in the great tradition of James Brown and Arthea Franklin.  Arthur’s vocal prowess harmonises the  rhythmic accompaniment of  Janet Sutton, David Horne, Dewayne Jones, Denise Battle, Beatrice Golden and Troi Daniels, and Marvin Wilson.

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Forming in 1989 GOP has a unique style of blending contemporary and traditional music together to form a unique style that any audience can enjoy and be blessed by their singing ministry.  GOP has recorded 3 CDs (albums, Triumphant, Praise Him and Triumphant II) which have blessed and excited audiences for more than two decades. They are preparing to release another CD in 2021. GOP music has been played all over the world.  GOP travels across the country and even overseas to perform.  They have performed for music venues all over the country including Mississippi Delta Blues Festival, Wisconsin, California , New York, Florida, Michigan, Colorado, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Washington DC, and the Chicago Music Festival and Taste of Chicago, Maywood Festival, Bellwood Festival, Evanston Festival and other street festivals including television shows such as Singsation, Saturday Night Live, WGN Productions and local television venues.  

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