Vapid Fire with Bob Jeter

1. What turns you on, creatively or otherwise? 

It could be anything – what’s on the news, what music I’m listening to, what scenery I’m looking at, what city I’m living in or what person I’m around. Creating is an emotional thing often so whatever stimuli is present – it has to reach me emotionally. Or it could be a some Siren sitting on my shoulder. LOL

2. What’s a good tip for someone who wants to be you for Halloween? (good one;)

Just carry a guitar and pretend you’re Bob Dylan

3. Which celebrity’s hair do you covet most? 

Anyone with long full straight hair (Elvis had good hair) since I have little these days but glad I don’t because I hated the curly hair of my youth.

4. What would your death-row last meal be?  

I’m fasting

5. What’s your juiciest vice or guiltiest pleasure?  

Too many to list here;) Well, maybe pretending to be a rock star. LOL

6. What extravagant purchase should probably make you feel guiltier? 

That’s easy – a Ferrari

7. When’s (and why’s) the last time you wanted to slap someone? 

Just a now – I’m was just talking to a rude person on the phone when I tried to sell him something.

8. What most likely made that stain on your outfit?  

cheap wine

9. Describe your favorite undergarment.  

tzitzis – I’m Jewish

10. What’s a lie you’ve told more than once?  

no problem

BONUS: Where do you see yourself in five minutes?

right here in front of the machine

The blues rule it’s Bluesy Pop Rock riffs infused with jazz and harmonica sound from  Bob Jeter. It’s a little of that Don Henly and Tom Petty vibe.  Bob Jeter’s music reassures us that Pop music that respects its roots in the Blues will endure through fad genres. Hailing from Richmond, VA Bob’s musical journey is quite unique.