They Say You Still Want A Revolution~  Ronzoni Calzone

They Say You Still Want A Revolution~  Ronzoni Calzone, vocalist, instrumentalist and Activist rises the bar making music for a Revolution. With that heart of Rock and Roll flair that vibes of the Age of Aquarius Ronzoni Calzone is a BMI affiliated Vocalist/Instrumentalist/Activist making music for a Revolution! Currently working on his very first solo music project, recording with Oakland based BPW Experience and solo performing his acclaimed Acoustic Rock & Roll Revue

About his upcoming song Magic Box’.  I was feeling down, having some filly troubles.  Chatted with my friend Jen about it, and she informed me that she didn’t have problems with her men like that.  She has a MAGIC BOX that makes men do exactly what she wants

When he was in  the band SHINOCO  That is what changed everything forRonzoi: “For the first time ever, I started writing songs for myself to sing. Dr Boyfriend was a huge inspiration, his raw and pure style was just brilliant and caused me to step up and really go for it on the songs I was to sing for the band. I spent my entire career backing up other people, and finally I got shoved out into the spotlight. It became up to me to front the band, and carry the show.  SHINOCO gave me the confidence to go out and do my Acoustic Rock & Roll Revue with nothing but my acoustic guitar between me and the audience.”