The Holy Knives Drop Haunting “Born To Die”

Los Angeles based The Holy Knives have unveiled their latest sonic masterpiece.  Entitled “Born To Die,” the enthralling track highlights dark wave textures, industrial-goth infused beats and baritone vocals sure to make the listener take notice.

“Born To Die” is all about how dark and dangerous the internet can be. In a time of extreme isolation such as a pandemic, The Holy Knives remind listeners of the perils of turning to the internet for a source of comfort. On the track Kody Valentine of the band confides, “The song started in late-pandemic isolation days when I found myself turning more and more to the internet for social connection. I realized eventually that it was not comforting at all and was in fact more isolating and sometimes pretty menacing. There were a lot of dark things being spread on social media like false information, conspiracy theories, hate, anger, and fear.”

The Holy Knives are brothers Kody and Kyle Valentine, born and raised in New Orleans. The brothers found a connection through music and create innovative rock meets electronic releases.  Take a listen to the riveting “Born To Die” now.