Tamer Goes From TV Pop Band To High-flying Solo Artist

 “Discovering Aviation” is the new song by singer, Tamer. The former member of the TV pop band, Jamatami, who was selected for a reality-show in 2011, is now releasing a brand new single as a solo artist. Currently working as full-time flight attendant, Tamer would love to combine his passions to bring excitement to a time in which artists can once again unconditionally do what they love to do, and crews can take their vacation-loving guests to their destinations with Tamer’s new aviation song.

“I want the song to give us all hope for a summer full of joy of living,” Tamer says about the song, which picks up on and reflects on the feeling of flying and freedom.

“Music fulfills energy in us in a way that nothing else can. For as long as we’ve existed, it has fed the soul and given life to our bodies.” This sentiment rings especially true for solo artist Tamer. Today, he continues to carry this tradition on with his own musical talents. Whether it is via singing or dancing, it leads to feelings of happiness that Tamer aims to push onto his listeners. He puts these heartfelt lyrics that are inspired by the most emotional times in his life, while sharing the stories of his journey with his fans along the way.

He is now pushing himself forward into the world of solo work after spending years as part of the German band, Jamatami. Tamer and his group found their music in the Top 20 charts, achieved countless signings, finding themselves on TV and radio interviews, and having toured extensively across the Netherlands and Austria. Additionally, he is known for his support work for RTL donation marathon and Heimat Almanya, alongside celebrities Nazan Eckes and Dennis Moschitto.

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