The eclectic singer-songwriter discusses the origins of his latest single release. “The old saying goes that the best music comes from life’s experiences,” says Met Montrel. “This song serves as that. Originally, I was going through beats to write a slow love song about getting over someone who has hurt you. NeedlessContinue Reading

Billboard praised piano driven singer/songwriter Casii Stephan has unveiled her new single and video. Called “These Hard Days” the track narrates the difficulty in finding hope and love in tormented times. From the pandemic to environmental collapse, the world has been in a tailspin and Casii wrote a song to encourage herContinue Reading

Gigi Vega creates the true embodiment of the perfect summer jam with the stunner “Down Crazy”. Volume is a given for her voice has a tremendous force of nature to it. Right in the very core of it her presence proves to be the true highlight. Everything works in serviceContinue Reading

NY based singer/songwriter and actor Dante Palminteri has just unveiled his latest single and it’s all about attraction and lust.  Entitled “Brunettes,” the catchy alt-rock number details the kind of lady that Dante is into – dangerous, cheeky, and up for a good time. With an attention demanding chorus and slick rock’n’rollContinue Reading

Mimoza’s latest single “Young Queen” is a glowing pop record that inspires women from all walks of life to stand in their own true power and acknowledge their inner greatness. After co-writing the Platinum hit song “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max, Mimoza is stepping into her own spotlight andContinue Reading

If there’s one thing country artists can knock out of the park, it’s a good ol’ fashioned breakup anthem. Dariann Leigh’s latest song, “Let Me Go” is certainly no exception. From the moment the beat first sets in, to the infectious melody and hook, you can feel Leigh’s presence onContinue Reading

The NYC-based musician will release a new single, video this Friday. “Number 4” is from his self-titled debut album. “I want to emphasize the vulnerability in sharing these songs…they might have an upbeat melody to them, but the lyrics still have this sense of coming of age, of nostalgia toContinue Reading