The Phillippines-born singer, songwriter, producer has released 12 albums since 2014. “Life is strange and it is rewarding when you’re not looking. This is a time for me to drive my passion further, and the dream of having a place in music where the great artists come alive.”— Paul BalancioContinue Reading

We all have regrets on who we have or have not dated. Well San Fernando Valley, California based duo Guyville explores just this in their latest single “Should Have Never Dated”.  The melodic indie rock tune thrills with charismatic melodies and candid lyrics. The single is all about the disappointment inContinue Reading

James Bene is an American singer-songwriter living in Los Angeles who has been writing, playing and composing music since he was a child. A natural performer, James earned a BFA in Music from The Catholic University in Washington D.C and later toured as a performing artist in musicals, plays and otherContinue Reading