With the opening strains of violin, the ethereal “Ashgrey Butterfly” begins its flight into the neo-classical strathosphere. Oboe and percussion are front and center, along with the crystal clear, crisp vocals of the song’s creator, Realma. With 4 different versions of the song available, the listener can easily grasp onto theContinue Reading

May Payne is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter based in Manchester, UK. With 150k+ streams and a devoted online fanbase of 35k+ followers, May has released her next single. “Lazy Sunday” is a light-hearted, sun-fueled track about the joy of getting lost in someone else and temporarily being able to put your incompatibilitiesContinue Reading

From his majestic EP release, Who Are You, Who Am I?, Bill Abernathy releases the title track of this four-track offering. This soft tempo track features intricate arpeggiated guitar chord tones with Bill Abernathy’s high register vocals, a contrast between Countertenor and Alto vocals lends this track to a relaxing,Continue Reading

The latest single from Tom Tikka and the Missing Hubcaps is “With Eyes Closed. “A romantic, mid-tempo love song that features clever instrumentation and a polarizing melody creating the perfect atmosphere for Tom Tikka to weave a tapestry of metaphor to express his devotion to the subject. From his full-lengthContinue Reading

The debut track from Montreal’s Mercury Messiah, Sunlight Surfing, is surely turning a lot of heads recently. With its nod to the band’s roots in Southern Rock, Mercury Messiah puts a Blues-inspired folk melody to their dynamic sound. Sunlight Surfing is centered around the theme of nostalgia and regret whileContinue Reading

Fresh off the success of their single Bad Time, Tarah Who? Are riding some pretty high momentum with their latest offering “Supposedly A Man.” For those who have yet to experience the raw, emotional, outpouring of talent that makes up Tarah Who?, this L.A.-based dup features lead vocalist/guitarist Tarah Carpenter,Continue Reading

From the moment its sauntering introduction commences, Tedi Brunetti’s ‘Evil Woman’ slinks across the speakers like a stealthy assassin, mingling through the crowd of a smoky nightclub. Taken from her latest LP, ‘Queen of Pittsburgh’, the single is co-produced with Dean Sargent (Taylor Dayne, Blue Oyster Cult). The production isContinue Reading