The North Carolina-based singer-songwriter releases the follow up to her Top 10 UK iTunes hit, “Two Shots of Tequila.” The song is based on that moment when you want something, but you know it’ll only bring you heartache in the morning. ” Today, singer-songwriter Pam Ross releases her new single, “You Don’tContinue Reading

The chart-topping global collective of musicians will release “Without You” on December 16th, 2022. With a mission to bring together talented musicians from all around the world, Harmony Dreamers is a unique musical endeavor led by Byron Lee Scott. With their latest album, featuring a roster of diverse musicians from different fieldsContinue Reading

The indie-pop group GENTLE GLOW started with their second single “LaST CaLL”, which has been available everywheresince October 22nd, a call for more mindfulness. With their new single “LaST CaLL”, the Austrian indie-pop aesthetes draw attention to a cutting edge topic: “It is five to twelve when it comes toContinue Reading

The prolific singer-songwriter releases the follow-up to his #1 international iTunes chart hit, “Every Songwriter Needs To Spend Some Nights Here In Nashville.” This piano song is about the emotion you go through when only one person is on your mind.”— Sarantos A prolific singer-songwriter, poet, philanthropist, radio host andContinue Reading