This dance-oriented edition features notables Simon Phillips (Toto, Judas Priest), Jesse Siebenberg (Kenny Loggins, Supertramp), and more. I am not targeting a specific audience or looking for tangible commercial success, all I want is for people to be aware of the existence of this album”— Barista Bahadır Han Eryılmaz, betterContinue Reading

Glam rocker extraordinaire Micky James is known for his gritty alt-rock tracks that ooze originality and substance.  His new single “Shiver” is no exception.  Featuring his electrifying chorus-enhanced vocals over glittery glam pop landscapes, “Shiver” is the ultimate summer rock’n’roll jam. Thematically, the track narrates how depression, isolation, and grief can cause disruptions inContinue Reading

Davy Williamson’s storied career has seen him play in numerous regional bands across Wilmington, North Carolina over the course of 25 years including Third Class Passenger and Ma-Shot-Pa, but it wasn’t until 2020 that he made the decision to take the reins himself and go solo. Now, with the releaseContinue Reading

The Turkish musician enlists who’s who of studio guns including Simon Phillips (Toto, Judas Priest), Jesse Siebenberg (Kenny Loggins, Supertramp), more. Bahadır Han Eryılmaz, better known as Barista, is an Istanbul-based musician, who has called upon a who’s who of studio musicians to create his latest album anthology, “Open Sesame.” TheContinue Reading