If there’s been one positive thing that’s come from the worldwide COVID pandemic, it would have to be the resilience and rise of indie musicians. With live performances and band situations being halted during the age of “shelter in place” and quarantines, indies have had to get very creative inContinue Reading

In view of the forthcoming release of the remix version, scheduled for June 2022, L-Rhose, Italian duo made up of the brothers Francesco and Luca Reale, propose the song “You Are” in its original version to American radios and listeners. When the song was released, it obtained a good response of approvalContinue Reading

A song of resolution, regret, and redemption, Tom Tikka and the Missing Hubcaps capture it all in their latest single “By 2022.” This rockin’ jam is a diverse offering from this group of professional musicians and creative storytellers. Tom Tikka delivers his almost signature style of lyrics on “By 2022”,Continue Reading

As Fitzsimon and Brogan traverse their musical journey, each step takes them further down a road ofidentity. From their previous offerings of shabby-chic pop melodies infused with a nostalgic rockfoundation, this journey has once again redefined these two artists as fashionable troubadours pushingthe bounds of pop music and art. WithContinue Reading

Tom Tikka and Antti Autio have released a new music video from their 2021 album, “Life Of Grant.” “Scarlet Hell” was directed by Tikka’s wife, Elina Suominen. “A standout track on Life Of Grant is the badass ‘Scarlet Hell” – Music Butcher “Surprisingly Sexy” – Indie-Music.com With more than 200K Spotify streams,Continue Reading