Nashville based artist Glass Dove just released his new song “Half-Life Wilderness,” which is the title track of his latest album released last month. The artist, who is known for his introspective and deep meditations on life, personal relationships, and conscious thinking, wrote and recorded the album in the Smoky Mountains with producer Owen Biddle. Continue Reading

New York based singer/songwriter and musician Andrew Smith has unveiled his latest piano-driven indie pop song and it is stunning.  Entitled “Twenties,” the track narrates the highs and lows of life in your twenties. From being overwhelmed with work/life balance, experiencing lost love, and  figuring out your direction, Andrew SmithContinue Reading

Indie pop sensation Ali Coyle just released her six-track EP entitled Songs For My Therapist. The introspective and vulnerable EP shares an in-depth story of struggle, healing, growth and newfound acceptance through the lens of an openly queer woman as she dives deeper to hone in on the meaningful lessons inContinue Reading