Rising indie electronic music artist Sanchez Di Rupo is set to captivate audiences worldwide with this self-titled debut album, “Sanchez Di Rupo.” Bursting with innovation, creativity, and a mesmerizing fusion of musical genres, this independent release is poised to redefine the boundaries of sonic exploration. Listen to it:https://recordu.lnk.to/Sanchez_Di_Rupo “Sanchez Di Rupo” takesContinue Reading

Denver based Americana meets soul artist Zoe Berman just released her new EP entitled Freezing Heat. The songwriter, who effortlessly blends relatable storylines, soothing sounds and vivid imagery, is wildly inspired by her self-reflective rumination and the kaleidoscopic elements found in nature, which is pleasantly abundant in Colorado. Freezing Heat is a deep andContinue Reading

Grammy-nominated singer / songwriter Seth Glier just released his new single and visuals for “The Coronation,” which the featured track from his upcoming sixth studio album set for release later this year. In “The Coronation,” the theme of interconnectedness and community is prevalent, and Seth sends the message that toContinue Reading

Live At The Mattress Factory – Songs From The Land Of Pit Bulls & Poker Machines” is out now. It follows their 2020 album, “Undesirables and Anarchists. “I really want listeners to be drawn to the detailed lyrics (about) the lives of people in post-industrial river towns, turning the folkloreContinue Reading