Singer, songwriter and guitarist John Dorsch is proud to announce the release of his new album “Elevation” on July 14th (MTS Records). The album showcases Dorsch’s unique style of folk rock/Americana and is full of vibrant melodies that bring the listener on a journey of music. Dorsch draws on influences from VanContinue Reading

The chart-topping folk-rock band has released their latest lyric video. It’s the follow-up video to their “Who Is America” clip. Imagine a kid who gets mad at his mother because she won’t let him go trick-or-treating. She says it’s the Devil’s holiday, and he’ll lose his soul.”— Robert Wagner, LittleContinue Reading

Live At The Mattress Factory – Songs From The Land Of Pit Bulls & Poker Machines” is out now. It follows their 2020 album, “Undesirables and Anarchists. “I really want listeners to be drawn to the detailed lyrics (about) the lives of people in post-industrial river towns, turning the folkloreContinue Reading