Pete Miller is an artist who wants to make a name for himself singing “everyman songs.” As someone who’s been through the wringer working many heavy duty jobs, he’s committed to making music that is raw, unpolished and unfiltered, that will touch the heart of the average person. He’s notContinue Reading

“Point Me East” is sung from the perspective of “The Husky Clipper,” the racing shell used to win Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. CHICAGO, IL –November 21, 2022– Known for his emotional vocal delivery, his inspiring acoustic melodies and his moving lyrics, John McDonough enjoyed breakout success in 2021, with theContinue Reading

The Texas-based singer-songwriter was selected from nearly 700 entries in the 2021 Grassy Hill New Folk Contest. 24 Finalists will perform in two concerts on Saturday May 22nd and Sunday May 23rd. With the January 2021 release of his album, “Things To Come” Jeremy Parsons cemented himself as one of americana music’sContinue Reading