With vaccines becoming more available and administered and COVID cases lowering in some parts of the world, people are returning to nightlife/civilization once again. Los Angeles based space pop artist Sean The Star Emperor has crafted a song all about this, the return to the carnal urges of nighttime indulgence.  Entitled “WitchContinue Reading

Brooklyn based Glassio has made a name for himself with his charismatic indie electronic releases. His latest, is a dance infused banger called “Magazines.” The song was created during COVID and during a period of personal loss.  With rich synths, upbeat melodies and bouncy beats, “Magazines” was written by Glassio toContinue Reading

In recent years, dance music seems to be taking a back seat to more laid-back, subdued, moodymusic. At least as far as mainstream hits are concerned. That is not to say there aren’t exceptions, butthe days of Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), Til The World Ends (Britney Spears) and Blow (Kesha)Continue Reading