Los Angeles based Guyville is a musical project formed by songwriters Emily Hulslander and Kat Hamilton.  Newly formed, the duo bonded over their love for country melodies and 90s alt rock singer Liz Phair. Taking the name from one of her most popular albums, the duo have unleashed their debut single and itContinue Reading

Experimental dark pop meets alt rock artist Boon just released his fiery new single and visuals for “Can’t Be Love” and the track couldn’t be more enthralling. Creating multi-faceted music is nothing new for Boon, who has immersed himself in the discipline since a very young age, his father being Carrie Underwood’s leadContinue Reading

NY based singer/songwriter and actor Dante Palminteri has just unveiled his latest single and it’s all about attraction and lust.  Entitled “Brunettes,” the catchy alt-rock number details the kind of lady that Dante is into – dangerous, cheeky, and up for a good time. With an attention demanding chorus and slick rock’n’rollContinue Reading