Soft Country Crafted By John Michael Ferrari.

By: Stephanie D’Orso

Singer songwriter John Michael Ferrari has released his latest single “Music With You”. The groovy country track encapsulates a vintage feel paired with upbeat energy. With smooth instrumentals and eloquent vocals, “Music With You” is a song you want stuck in your head.

The track is an unexpected fusion of country and yacht rock delivering light and soft beats to listeners ears. “Music With You” illustrates a love story with straightforward lyrics and velvety undertones. Ferrari sings,

“Hear applause, feel the glow, sing along, enjoy the show. It’s a dream come true. I’ve come to music with you.” 

Ferrari provides listeners a polished and tranquil tune with “Music With You”. Well seasoned in the music industry, Ferrari is an award-winning singer songwriter. Beginning his music journey in his late teens and resuming over 50 years later, Ferrari’s experience is unmatched. 

“Music With You” is available on all streaming platforms. Watch the Lyric Video here:

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