Single Review: Tarah Who? “Supposedly A Man”

Fresh off the success of their single Bad Time, Tarah Who? Are riding some pretty high momentum with their latest offering “Supposedly A Man.” For those who have yet to experience the raw, emotional, outpouring of talent that makes up Tarah Who?, this L.A.-based dup features lead vocalist/guitarist Tarah Carpenter, and explosive, powerful, yet majestic drummer, Coralie Hervé. This duo utilizes current social issues to kick the hell out of their audiences with a straight-up, no-nonsense approach, and a lot of distortion. “Supposedly A Man,” which was released on September 17, delves on the theme of frustration witnessing male privilege and the effects it has on those who are held underfoot. As Carpenter explores this theme, she paints stark imagery to the world she is standing up to. “I did not need to know about your supposed victories, and your heroic acts. I got a taste of the example you set, out here with us simple folks”, enter the chorus and all hell breaks loose. Coralie Hervé unleashes the beast on the drums, pounding them into submission while Tarah screams out her frustration and anger, making this the ultimate post-grunge, punk track worthy of attention.

Although this track is loud and in your face, I must point out that the vocals sound clearly across the instrumentation, each verse and chorus is easy to follow along to, making the point that much more on point. The message is delivered through the use of hard music while ensuring the listener will not shrug off the social connotations involved. The drumming performance, in my opinion, is the real stand-out feature of “Supposedly A Man,” this approach to the instrument seems lost in most modern indie music, and is very refreshing to see the passion presented here. “Supposedly A Man” would do well on any alternative radio format, (radio edit may be required), and perfect for any streaming playlist featuring strong female musicians, paving the way to break down barriers in music. “Supposedly A Man” is a highly enjoyable track, worthy of many replays, the infectious chorus, and sheer power, and emotion make this entertaining yet very challenging to the listener as the overall social message is always present.

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-Lee Callaghan