Single Review: Richard Lynch “Radio Friend”

Richard Lynch has released the song “Radio Friend.” The song is a suitable listen for anyone who enjoys listening to country music, and in particular music with Christian undertones. “Radio Friend” is a mid-tempo song that starts with guitar and mixes in piano and drums throughout the rest.

Lyrically, the song finds Richard Lynch singing about a beloved radio DJ, but this is not clear from the start. In fact, opening lines such as “The Lord has been so good to him” only let listeners know that this song tells the story of someone else. Later lyrics make clear he’s singing about a DJ, like when Lynch sings about “the souls he touched from that DJ chair” and that “after 50 years he’s gonna play his final tune.” These lyrics are bittersweet, telling the tale of a man with a storied career that is coming to a close.

“Radio Friend” is actually a true story; Richard Lynch sings it in dedication to Real Roots Radio’s DJ Gary Cohn. The DJ remarked on his final show, “If I don’t see you on the air, I will see you in the air.” Richard Lynch lifts this line and uses it as the start of the chorus to “Radio Friend,” making for a direct connection between the lyrics and the events by which they were inspired. Richard Lynch reuses the message said by Cohn to dedicate it to a late friend, Ray “Chubby” Howard. To learn more about Richard Lynch, visit his website ( You can also find him on Facebook (@RichardLynchBand) and Twitter (@richardlynchband). His music is available to listen to on Spotify.