Single Review: Lady Redneck Captures Summer On “Livin’ In the USA”

One of the best ways to capture a country-loving American audience is with a song about pure patriotism. Lady Redneck has that down pat with her latest single “Livin’ In The USA’, and I can’t think of a better song to jam out to while grilling up some hot dogs during a hot summer day. She really encapsulated a fun day of living the American Dream.

Lady Redneck has talent and spunk. What else can you expect from a Texan? They’re big and bold, and Lady Redneck doesn’t hold back when it comes to her catchy music. She specializes in country, but “Livin’ In The USA’ has a dance worthy flamenco and Tejano sound to it. It made me want to get up and move, and I’m not much of a dancer!

I was interested to find out that Lady Redneck has a pretty extensive background when it comes to her music career. She’s making waves now with her solo music, but she started out in her family band called Dusty Boots back in Idaho. I bet they’re proud of her growing success, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next for her!

–Kim May