Radio Pitch by The Balfour Agency ~ PR Strategist Est. 1992 

This method is opposite of what Radio Pluggers do. Our method is based on the old tried and true strategy publicists used to do that sadly most have abandoned, but not us here at The Balfour Agency.  It was a simple method:  Send djs and or radio programmers at any local/regional etc station an artist’s 12”,  45”, cassette and finally CD with an intro letter asking them to play that particular song.  9 times out of 10 they did it!~  That was before the radio conglomerates like Clear Channel which became Iheart etc  and they became solely the major label, major artists only audio outlet.   Indie Artists were left in the lurch except for a few indie stations and it was not easy to get airplay.   Then came the Playlists which were good until they turned into pay for placement and the duration on these playlists was a month at best.

That is why The Balfour Agency has resurrected the Radio Pitch; we have a database of a combined 3000 +  Independent ISSA (International Singer Songwriter Association) and College/University Radio Stations around the Globe. That with the right approach will play your music.  It is not instantaneous as they get multiple requests but airplay is the result, this in turn leads to more streams and also song downloads, collector vinyl sales along with ultimately expanding your musical footprint.

This is Different from radio Pluggers who get an artist on 4-5 radio stations for 60 days and charge you $500 and up.  With Radio PITCHing you reach more radio stations and stay in rotation longer.   Radio Pluggers equal Pay for Play    Radio Pitching equals Play for Stay~

The details are as followed:

  • Up to Two  (2) songs can be pitched out to radio
  • Song(s) must be in MP3 or Wave in 320 kbps 
  • Artist Bio, Covert Art and Artist Press Photo is needed
  • Corresponding social media posts where artists are tagged posted in a strategic manner for best effect
  • Artist(s) including in press release and blog posts in 10 music and entertainment blogs that The Balfour Agency has established relationships with
  • Duration of Pitch Campaign is 3 months but may be expanded upon request  
  • $500 initial fee additional months are $200 per month
  • Additional songs are $50 each 
  • Discount for multiple artists please enquire

Email:  or message on WhatsApp 1614 288 1660 with enquiries, for details and to get started.