One Million Streaming Artist Jeremy Parsons To Release First Single From Forthcoming LP

Influenced by the COVID pandemic, the San Antonio singer-songwriter will release “Tickin’” on October 28th, 2022.

Clock is on the wall
And it keeps tickin’
Yeah time comes for us all
And keeps on tickin’

–Jeremy Parsons, “Tickin’”

San Antonio’s Jeremy Parsons’ 2017 album release, “Things I Need To Say” propelled the prolific singer-songwriter onto the national and international stage. With introspective songs like “Burn This House Down” and “After All These Years” and innovative, award-winning music videos like “Why Is the Bluebird Blue” and “Making Things Up as I Go,” Parsons put himself on the radar as one of roots music’s brightest new artists.

2021’s “Things To Come” continued Parsons’ string of success. The album was recognized as one of Blues and Roots Radio’s Best of the Year. Singles like the title song, as well as “Tragedy,” “Something Other Than You Are” and “Good Ole Days,” hit the top of international iTunes sales charts, as well as charting on national radio airplay charts in the US and abroad. Spotify streaming totals for both albums have surpassed 1 million!

Now, Jeremy Parsons is releasing the first single from his next album project, and it’s shaping up to be his most innovative and genre-breaking releases to day. “Tickin’,” written by Parsons and produced by Dustin Martin, the single brings electronic music elements into the mix. “Tickin’” is out on October 28th, with pre-sale already underway.

“We have those moments when we sit down and look where we are, said Jeremy Parsons. “Sometimes followed by that is the thought, ‘is this where I thought I’d be?’ or ‘is this where I should be in my life?’ The pandemic embodied this moment for me. I was lucky enough to be so devoted to my craft and to have that as my clear focus, but it did leave me wondering, ‘what if I didn’t?’ I pondered where I would have been mentally and emotionally if not for that.”

He further added, “It abundantly clarified how precious our time is and what the focus should be on. I’m lucky to have this creative outlet and found my path in this life. That’s all I want for anyone else. I want them to be happy with their choices for themselves and their life. It’s a journey for us all; we have the time we need to take it and should not take that for granted.”

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