OLIVOIX Releases Stunning Debut EP ‘Goddess’

After establishing herself as an award-winning actress and activist, Monica Olive is emerging as one of her generation’s most vital and fearless songwriters.

The menacingly dramatic opening notes of OLIVOIX’s new EP “GODDESS” im-mediately give away front-woman Monica Olive’s extensive background on stage and screen. She is a charismatic performer, capable of turning a room pin-drop silent with a single line. Along with an exceptionally accomplished cast of musi-cians (including longtime Shwizz bassist Frank Coda), she has created a stirring collection of songs that delve deeply into the trauma of modern society, only to emerge with the strength and resilience needed to fight another day.

Written in the wake of years of personal trauma, cumulating in the loss of her sis-ter to cancer, there is a common thread of darkness running through the songs on GODDESS. “Ashes” is bold and confrontational, while the bandmates find solace in each other’s shared experience on “Sisters.” Yet through it all, Olive’s poetic lyricism finds hope in even the bleakest of experiences.

From the chaotic avant-garde pop of “Thru Yr Veins” to the funk-infused self-empowerment of “GODDESS,” each track creates a world in and of itself. By the closing notes of “Warrior Pack, Pt. 1,” the listener will feel like they’ve been on a true emotional journey – one they will be happy to take over and over again.

“GODDESS” is available everywhere now.

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