Music Veteran Unleashes Alter Ego Couchboy

If there’s been one positive thing that’s come from the worldwide COVID pandemic, it would have to be the resilience and rise of indie musicians. With live performances and band situations being halted during the age of “shelter in place” and quarantines, indies have had to get very creative in their approach to following their muse and delivering new music. One such artist is Amherst, MA singer-songwriter, David MacDonald aka COUCHBOY.


An industry veteran, having performed regionally with a host of bands including JASPER, David returned to the studio in 2021 as a solo recording artist. The results reflect his early influences, including the Kinks, The Who, The Beatles and other pop rock acts of the 1960s. Nowhere are his influences more prevalent than on his latest single, “Tell Me What I Feel.”

Dave is currently putting together a Couchboy band to work on future releases. A new EP is expected in the fall, and a full length is not too far behind. Check out Couchboy: