Modern Pop/Rock/Emo group Ocean’s Envy release a new song “The Power of Love & War”

Ocean’s Envy is the band of Entertainment Attorney Kurt Mantheiy.

Ocean's Envy

Critics have described this track as “Furiously energetic and biblical in its grandeur, ‘Love and War’ is a meaningful exploration of our most human experiences. It draws from golden-age emo, pop-punk, and even futuristic electronica to create one of the most unique, yet accessible singles of the year.”

The song is about the two most extreme human emotions, love, and of course war. There are alot of parallels between the two as well. We sacrifice in love just as we do in times of war, we would die for our partners the same way countrymen will die for each other on the battlefield.

Both love and war are sacrifice and commitment. This song is ultimately about hot passion, in whichever way it translates. Coming from a diverse stable of Influences such as: Taking Back Sunday, Elton John, Jimmy Eat World, Savage Garden, Fall Out Boy, Charlie XCX, Thursday, U2, Kylie Minogue, and Angels & Airwaves. Fans of these artists might find their new favorite band in Ocean’s Envy.

Ocean’s Envy
 is the band of Entertainment Attorney Kurt Mantheiy. When he’s not representing your favorite bands and artists he is hard at work on catchy and powerful tunes. Kurt works closely with super producer Jonathan Paulsen to make the magic happen.

“The Power of Love & War” is the lead up to “Project Boatyard”, which is an upcoming EP that Kurt and John have been working around the clock to perfect.

Ocean’s Envy will be touring later this year, follow Ocean’s Envy on social media for up to the minute updates!

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