Léon Rova’s Latest EP Is “Sentimental”

Some artists are born with music coursing through their veins. Léon Rova is one such artist, emerging from a melting pot of influences that make him one of the most exciting prospects in the music scene today.

Growing up on the small but bustling island of Marstrand outside of Gothenburg, Sweden gave a young Léon a glimpse of the pulsating nightlife that moved people to the music and electrified the nighttime. It was enough to plant a seed for a young artist to follow his dream of creating music for the masses, music to make you ‘feel’.

Emerging from a cascade of creative input, a powerful alchemy at work, Léon Rova put his talents toward creating his own sound. His music is soaked in all the cool of alternative indie and alternative rock/pop music. The results are incredibly exciting. Initial remixes on Soundcloud lit up Gothenburg and soon Léon Rova was ready to release his very own music. EP ‘Sentimental’ is set to drop on August 13th. Tap in to a new, raw and exhilarating potential. Plug in to a dynamic new sound, catch the wave of Sweden’s next global sensation. Seek out Léon Rova, today.

Sentimental Track list:
Teenage Mischief
Lay by My Side
7th Avenue