LAZORE Leaves The Past Behind As He Moves Towards His Destiny – New Single “On My Own” 09/06!

The further that LAZORE has progressed into his debut year, the more the depth & dimension of his craft has been revealed through the dynamics of his songwriting. Those paying closest attention have truly gotten to know the man behind the music through the emotional punch of his thought-provoking lyrics
and the tangible weight of his words. Establishing himself as an artist with something substantial to say through groundbreaking singles like “Break Slowly,” “Wanted Man,” “Would You Believe Me,” and a powerful catalog of deep cuts, he has proven time and again to be fearlessly unafraid to share himself with a world of listeners that are sincerely looking for more out of the music they choose to put on their playlists. He’s been more than happy to supply – and on September 6th this year, he’ll make it personal like never before with the official release of “On My Own” & reveal the origin story of how he got here.

A heartbreaking tale that boldly examines the aftermath of love gone wrong, “On My Own” is shockingly honest, relatable, and real. Drawing a line in the sand that separates the person he was in the past from the man he’s become in the present, “On My Own” details how hard it is to navigate through a broken
relationship, and put the pieces back together in order to come out stronger on the other side of it all. Living proof that it can be done – LAZORE’s songs don’t imitate art, they reveal its parallels in pure truth. With a hybrid vibe that introduces a light dose of Reggae into his Alt/Rock sound, “On My Own” reflects on the past while he surges into the present & becomes the artist that he has always been meant to be.

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