LAZORE Is A “Wanted Man” Making Music That Listeners Truly WANT To Hear – New Single 05/31/23!

After heating up the speakers of listeners around the globe through the release of his self-titled debut EP earlier in 2023, and earning himself the devoted support of a loyal fan-base he could proudly call his own, there was no doubt whatsoever that New York-based artist LAZORE would continue to surge with groundbreaking material in the most pivotal year of his career to-date.  Set to return with yet another irresistibly addictive slice of pure audible awesomeness this May 31st – join LAZORE in celebration of the release of his latest single “Wanted Man” this spring as he scorches his way up the charts this summer.

From the inherently catchy sound of his guitar, to the supreme swagger in his vocals, LAZORE’s new song is guaranteed to get people singing along from one side of the map straight on through to the other.  An all-out gripping track that reveals LAZORE’s authentic gift for creating powerfully melodic Alt/Rock music that is completely built to last, “Wanted Man” fully reveals his limitless potential early on into his career.  Through the sleek design of the verses, to the payload delivered within the chorus, “Wanted Man” is the single that no playlist could ever be complete without having it sitting rightfully in the top spot this year.

Armed with cutting-edge lyricism and hooks that can’t be denied, LAZORE has been taking over 2023 & he’s far from finished.  Further proof that he’s got the chops to genuinely compete with the best of the best, and a vibrant style of songwriting that’s destined to carve out a permanent place in music’s history – LAZORE’s “Wanted Man” is another wicked addition to his rapidly growing catalog that is sure to be a fan favorite, and also serves as a track that’s perfectly built to add to the overall credibility of his legacy.

An undeniably stellar single that speaks volumes on behalf of his natural ability to entertain the masses and highlights the catchy cleverness found within his songwriting & his sound, “Wanted Man” is another bold step in the right direction that is sure to secure the man with another huge hit for listeners in 2023.