Jeremy Parsons’ “Humanity” Comes to Life in Captivating Animated Music Video

The San Antonio singer-songwriter reached the UK Top 15 with the single from his forthcoming album.

The highly anticipated release of Jeremy Parsons‘ newest music video for his latest single “Humanity” is set to go live this Friday, April 28th. The captivating visual experience features an animated depiction of this talented country/americana singer-songwriter’s heartfelt lyrics, managing to both engage and resonate with viewers in a truly unique way.

Directed by Nick Van Dyk, the “Humanity” music video manages to capture the essence of the song’s message; a powerful call for unity and understanding in a world that seems more divided than ever before. Parsons’ smooth and soulful vocals are perfectly complemented by the artful animation, creating a moving and immersive experience that’s sure to stick with viewers long after the final notes have faded away.

“Humanity” recently reached #12 on the UK iTunes Country Songs chart.

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, Jeremy Parsons has long been a staple of the country music scene, bringing his unique blend of authenticity, heart, and soul to audiences around the world. “Humanity” is just the latest example of his ability to craft music that speaks to the human experience, combining powerful storytelling with catchy hooks and memorable melodies.

With the release of this stunning new music video, Parsons is redefining what it means to be a country/americana artist in the modern era, proving that the power of music to bring people together is stronger than ever before. Don’t miss your chance to experience the “Humanity” music video in all its animated glory – set your calendars for Friday, April 28th and get ready to be moved.

ABOUT JEREMY PARSONS: San Antonio’s Jeremy Parsons’ 2017 album release, “Things I Need To Say” propelled the prolific singer-songwriter onto the national and international stage. With introspective songs like “Burn This House Down” and “After All These Years” and innovative, award-winning music videos like “Why Is the Bluebird Blue” and “Making Things Up as I Go,” Parsons put himself on the radar as one of roots music’s brightest new artists.

2021’s “Things To Come” continued Parsons’ string of success. The album was recognized as one of Blues and Roots Radio’s Best of the Year. Singles like the title song, as well as “Tragedy,” “Something Other Than You Are” and “Good Ole Days,” hit the top of international iTunes sales charts, as well as charting on national radio airplay charts in the US and abroad. Spotify streaming totals for both albums have surpassed 1 million! For more information, please visit