Italian duo L-Rhose releases new ballad Lullaby

Starting from December 12, 2022 L-Rhose new single “Lullaby” is available for streaming and download on the most popular digital music stores.

“Lullaby” is a sweet and delicate song, a ballad with a pleasant, harmonious and relaxing taste; it invites not to hide the feelings because sometimes everyone needs confirmation to be loved and to feel desired, not only with facts but also with words, to feel appreciated and involved.

Lullaby” has a refined arrangement that expresses tenderness and sweetness and accompanies softly and gently the listener in oneiric and dreamy atmospheres, just like a real lullaby.


In the world of “Pop” the expression and the creativity grow and change not always in the direction of time; artistic evolution, in music, fluctuates between innovative transformations, contaminations and returns to epochs that have left indelible tattoos in history.

Faithful to these principles of evocative retracement, but always in a modern form, Francesco and Luca Reale have realized L-Rhose, a musical project better described in “pop / rock style”, in which refined arrangements enhance the songs and their melodic characteristics; L-Rhose is the idea, the thought of making music, telling in the lyrics the emotions of intense moments, awakening the human soul inquiring into its fragility, contradictions and aspirations.

Francesco and Luca are brothers, both authors and performers of music and lyrics, of what they consider their “family” project, matured over time through years of stylistic research.

The dominant themes of their songs are love and feelings; sung mainly in English, poetic and sighed forms emerge in them, which enhance the emotional, sensorial element, particularly accentuated in some parts of the scores; traceable and identifiable characteristics since their first official record release, “Sleep, my L, sleep”.

A melodic Pop-Rock, never banal, never shouted, that takes you in dreams, in thoughts, on a journey full of freedom.

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