Harmony Dreamers Releases Fan Favorite as Latest Single and Video

Veteran songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Byron Lee Scott founded Harmony Dreamers as a global musical collective geared towards bringing together artists from all over the world. Aiming to create music that spreads the message of love and peace across the globe, Harmony Dreamers have released a fan-favorite, “Pass It On” as the latest single from the band’s album, “I Come From Earth.” With more than 100K Spotify streams of their catalog, the song and video for “Pass It On” have led playlist listens and views among the group’s releases.

“This song has a crazy back story,” said Byron Lee Scott. “When I was writing the song years ago, I was telling some lady about the song I was writing, ‘Pass It On.’ She quoted a verse which I thought was perhaps some ancient poem, it struck me. I used something similar in the bridge lyrics, ‘Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay, love isn’t love ’till you give it away.’ It turns out she was paraphrasing a quote from Oscar Hammerstein II. It is said that this quote is from a hand-written inspirational note passed to the young actress portraying Maria in the play, “The Sound of Music.” There is other information saying that the lyrics show up in the stage play in the reprise of the song “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” but omitted from the film. The words have since been used in dozens of songs, including ones by Reba McIntyre and Leonard Cohen. It’s funny that Hammerstein essentially said pass it on, in his note. Then his message got passed on to me in a strange way.”

While Scott did solo lead vocals on their first singles, Pass It On,” features one of the 8 female vocalists on the album, Tyler V, sharing the lead with Byron. Additional musicians in the single’s female-heavy lineup include Ciara Moser, a bass player with Berkley scholarships, who is blind since birth; Marta Rosa Dia from Spain on percussion; Tyler V on vocals; and Byron’s long-time band mate Larry Dragland on drum kit.

Watch the Official Music Video at https://youtu.be/80PME5XhvXo.

Back stories about “Pass It On” and the entire album, along with photos and introductions to the many artists, are now on Harmony Dreamers YouTube channel in a special, 12-chapter “Behind the Album Show” with Jimi Holl of “The Record Machine Show.” https://youtu.be/McoEJyRfhR4

ABOUT HARMONY DREAMERS: With the ‘I Come From Earth’ album featuring artists from every continent, it also includes vocal contributions from more than 20 international backup singers. Overall, the album brings together artists to create not just impressive music, but also to send out a profound and important message of unity and love. Despite having released just one album, Harmony Dreamers is already drawing comparisons to some of the most renowned and iconic bands such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Steely Dan, Crosby, Stills & Nash and more.

More details about Harmony Dreamers and the latest single ‘Pass It On’ can be seen at www.harmonydreamers.com