Get Ready To Rock!~

The heart of rock ‘n’ roll is still beating thanks to Guy  Snowdon & The Citizens who  give that refreshing take on Rock with Anthem Guitars accompanied by sharp vocals. Their sound is a great homage to their musical Predecessors of the 70’s and 80’s   when rock really ruled; it’s never more clear than in their latest single Desert that you’ll hear that obeisance  Guy puts it best as what inspired him to write this song…

“Desert” is the centrepiece  of the album and is the 2nd in a trilogy on the album. Guy wanted to write something special, a show stopper. His original demo took inspiration from man’s search and finding a path to one’s vision of meaning, belonging in life. Many refer to it as the one with the scream. 

You can hear the single here and wherever you Stream Music! Make sure to add it to your own Playlist. The album starts with “Into the Desert”….a preamble written by Keyboardist, Billy Brock. And followed by “Out of the Desert”, performed by Cleveland violinist, Michele George. 

A wee bit about the band as they are a   mix of those from the UK and the States:   Guy Snowdon & The Citizens is the creation of its bassist and singer, Guy Snowdon, who is a transplant from Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is supported by Billy Brock (Keyboards), Tyler Ray (Guitar), and Zachary LeFeber (Drums). The Citizens were born in October 2019 at the Beachland Ballroom’s John Lennon Tribute concert and benefit. 

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