Get Ready For Latin Rhythms With Gianluca Gallo’s “Bailando Mambo”

The rising talent of Gianluca Gallo is giving something to talk about now through the song “Bailando
Mambo” where he, in complicity with Lydia Breska, exploits the Latin rhythms seeking to make more
and more audiences dance.

With extensive experience behind and having success on his side, Gianluca Gallo once again shares
with his audience all that potential that he possesses, although today it is the Latin rhythms that giveaccount of his voice and charisma, this through a hundred percent song.

Dance hundred entitled “Bailando Mambo”, where he also shares his talent with that of Lydia Breska
who, with her vocal timbre, gives this proposal a feminine touch to make it even more palatable to the
auditory sense.

“Bailando Mambo” is a piece that invites body movement from the first notes, a story that is told in two
languages, seeking not only to conquer the auditory sense of Gianluca Gallo’s loyal followers but also
of those Latin audiences who like rhythm contagious and who is looking for proposals impregnated
with quality and talent.

At the same time it means the new musical step for Gianluca after the great success he achieved wit
the remake of the very popular song “Susanna”, a work that had obtained more than 2 million visits on
YouTube, more than 1 million reproductions on Spotify, more than 50 magazine slots in the US and
Europe, plus 1,500 radio stations around the world and 1 month of broadcast on MTV US.

In this 2021 it is time for a new proposal one hundred percent danceable, loaded with a lot of Latin
rhythm and with the quality and talent that has characterized the career of Gianluca Gallo, an artist who
from a very young age showed his musical abilities and who have done it.

Led to be a great figure not only in his native Italy but also in other countries where the public dances
and enjoys his proposals. “Bailando Mambo” will be available on all digital platforms, a proposal by
Gianluca Gallo to brighten this time that is being lived worldwide and that is necessary for many
people who are looking for in music, a proposal with quality that is the perfect pretext to start dancing.

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