From Near Fatal Car Crash to FreeStyle Hip Hop~ Smokerface Chris Clay

From Near Fatal Car Crash to emerging as a Freestyle Hip Hop Artist, with a dash of Metal Mash up “That fast car crash”, the enthralling story  of Smokerface Chris Clay will leave you gobsmacked.  The fact that he survived and awoke with a new talent of vocal prowess is a true testament to the innate drive to survive and endure. ~  His new song “Don’t Wake Up” focuses on hard times that we have all been through.  Chris’s life changing experience has led him to share passions and stories around the globe via his music. 

The New song comes soon so stay tuned  in the meantime take a listen to his current music

Best put in his own words… In 2003 during Hurricane Isabelle in Hampton, Va where I am from and was living then, I was driving up the road my car spun out, hit the car head on and ejected.  Truck behind me, who was my best friend, didn’t see me ejected and ran over my head.  My eyeball fell out and was hanging by the cord laying on the road next to me unconscious.  The ambulance tried to revive me but couldn’t, declared me dead and the newspapers the next day said I was dead because they put their clamps up and declared me dead.  After they did that, putting their equipment up and declaring me dead, I just came back to life on my own but was still unconscious.  I was in a coma for a month and then rehab for a couple more months recovering.  At the time I was in engineering in community college and I was gonna transfer to a bigger college after two years.  This put a halt to that plan since I was in the hospital for a few months, they disenrolled me from college classes.  After the few months recovering in rehab and the hospital, they let me out and still took me like 5 more years recovering and getting my head back together until I got back in college in 2007 at UVA-Wise, 
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