Drew Ryder Smith Jumps in With Both Feet in New Single “The Bottom Of It”

By: Stephanie D’Orso

Drew Smith seizes the moment in his latest release “The Bottom Of It”. With playful lyrics and a classic country influence the song transports listeners to a summer night under the southern stars. In contrast to Smith’s previous tracks which highlight heartbreak, “The Bottom Of It” focuses on taking a chance without hesitation.

Award winning songwriter, Smith plays around with his words to craft a catchy and captivating tune. Using sneaky innuendos paired with a bold chorus Smith pops the bottle to offer listeners a brand new taste. 

Drew Ryder Smith states, “Obviously this song uses baseball to talk about things that are not about baseball. There are a lot of Drew Smith’s out there, including a major league player named Drew Smith.  So I’m sure the metrics on this song are going to be a nightmare. I love it though so we’re doing it.”

Co-written by Smith, Logan Wall and Jason Sever, “The Bottom Of It” is perfect for a long drive under the moonlight. Combining euphony and frisky lyrics Smith’s song is unlike any other he has released. 

“My co-writer had this great way of saying what we have all wanted to say in a relationship at some point or another,” explains Drew.  “We’re doing something but we’re not dating but we’re also not just friends.  Something’s up between us. Let’s just get to the bottom of it.  There are a lot of places you can go with that phrasing, ‘Let’s Get To The Bottom of It.’  And we did.” 

You can now stream “The Bottom Of It” on all streaming platforms and learn more about Drew Ryder Smith with the following link: https://lnk.bio/drewrydersmith . Give him a follow on social media as well @drewrydersmith on Instagram, TikTok and more!