Downtempo Artist/Producer, Timothy and the Apocalypse, Piece Together “Fragments” for a Trippy Third LP

Sydney, Australia’s Timothy and the Apocalypse, follows up his 2021 debut, establishing stability on the downtempo/trip-hop scene with recent UMG signing

I never write with any specific genre, only what’s happening in my life at the time. This album reflects a dark part of my life during the pandemic and dealing with a troubled future”— Timothy and the Apocalypse

Mass Experience Records have signed a multi-album deal with Universal Music Group, InGrooves, and WorldSound for both Timothy and the Apocalypse, Electronic Duo Mass Experience and label, Mass Experience. His upcoming release, “Fragments” follows up two stunning debut LPs entitled “Future So Bright” and “Ethereal Event.

While life can certainly be cruel, chaotic and unpleasurable, “Fragments” provides rhythmic bath water to soothe the soul. Through infectiously provocative core opening tracks like “Ego”, “Aeroplane Hold” (releases as the first single April 4th) and “Golden Hour,” Timothy dreams up a sonic womb for his messages to grow. “I have no musical bounds and write with complete passion,” says Timothy of his process towards this body of work.

Percussive brilliance narrates each of the arrangements on “Fragments”, highlighting a command for drum & bass that is a crucial element of Timothy and the Apocalypse as a soundexperience. One can only beg for visual elements, but they are all cast in the mind of the listener with closed eyes as one immerses oneself within his world. “I never write with any specific genre, only what’s happening in my life at the time. This album reflects a dark part of my life during the pandemic and dealing with a troubled future,” he says.

This third album from Timothy features collaborations with Floating Pyramids, 9 Theory and THØLEMOD. Tracks like “Incurable,” and “On The Edge Of Darkness,” grip us into the dystopian reality of our complete lack of respect for people and the Earth. What Timothy does is a true reorganizing of our priorities on a subconscious level. After purchasing a country property high up the mountains to escape society, he birthed “Fragments” to demarcate this period in history.

From “Elsewhere” we regain hope. Listeners at this point are entranced and reminded of their other favourite downtempo acts who fit the bill – Geotic in their 2017 album Abysma, Kudos Lokey and ATYYA come to mind. Interweaving narrative elements, many of the tracks have vocalized samples to personify human emotion. Electric guitar wetness rains throughout the LP.

“Fragments” concludes with “Adventures Of A Nymphoid Barbarian” (remixed by Brisbanebased,THØLEMOD, releasing May 6th as a EP featuring 9 Theory and The Time Meddler), “Love Is Going To Get You (Floating Pyramids Bombed Love Remix), and “I’m Not Going To Make It Sad,” pedestalizing Timothy’s brilliance of wit and charm.

It seems that there is no end in sight for this apocalyptic treasure. “I’m building a recording studio up in the mountains completely off grid for international artists to use as a creative environment,” he says. “Fragments” is a complete body of work outlining the juxtaposition of hard and soft experiences that Timothy most cleverly endures.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Timothy and the Apocalypse started producing his brand of cinematic beats as a soundtrack for the end of the world. His 2021 debut album Future So Bright established Timothy as a serious player on the downtempo/trip-hop scene, capturing the hearts of musical aficionados with The Mindful Cherub on Spotify’s Just Chill playlist, alongside Bonobo, Neil Frances, Tycho, Zero 7 and Four Tet. His latest works, Ethereal Event dazzles with a distinctive production style that leaps across genre boundaries like psychedelic, dystopian film soundtracks, rave, drum and bass and soul, are among the influences that inspire Timothy’s songs. It’s like screaming along the freeway channel surfing the radio to random stations, yielding a unique head bopping tune every time.

The Mindful Cherub Remixes by 9 Theory, Time Meddler and Floating Pyramids out now!

“The Mindful Cherub, is sure to entice anyone who recognises David Lynch as an exceptional electronica artist as well as an incredible filmmaker. There are plenty of odes to the cold psychedelic tones found in Pinky’s Dream, featuring Karen O; the tonally multifaceted track was written as a nod to 60’s Psyche escapism, and that’s exactly what it delivers.”
-‘A&R Factory’