DJ Kepi Is Surging Into Most Inspired Year To Date – Debut Full-Length Album “Metanoia” Is Officially Out 09/08/21!

After more than fifteen extraordinary years at the forefront of the Electro scene in the northwest US as a professional DJ/Producer that has become synonymous with pure entertainment – DJ Kepi is surging into the prime, and still breaking significant ground with his career to this very day. From the multiple singles and EPs he’s released that have fueled the fire on the club circuit’s floor for years, to continually being one of the most sought-out artists in the underground & being featured on countless labels along the way – DJ Kepi has built a reputation of straight-up sonic excellence and an incredibly devoted & loyal fan-base.

And even with all his incredible accomplishments to-date, he’s setting up to level-up once again in 2021.

Officially being released on September 8th this year, proudly supported by the Radda Records label, the debut full-length album by DJ Kepi will arrive on every major music platform online around the world. Comprised of ten sensationally stylistic cuts that flex DJ Kepi’s innovative technique, Electro swagger, and rhythmic finesse – Metanoia is guaranteed to provide a sensory experience unlike any other; and a full lineup of powerfully dynamic tracks that are uniquely designed to turn good times, into great times. From the radiant energy of pure House vibes, to the transitional brilliance displayed in DJ Kepi’s intense Breakbeats, the vibrant infusion of atmospheric Electro elements, and his own hard-hitting production – Metanoia is a digitalized thrill-ride that supplies undeniable entertainment from the lefts to the rights.

Ready to shake the walls with spectacular sound, and mark an incredible new milestone in his career with the release of his debut record Metanoia on September 8th – join DJ Kepi in 2021 as he drops a truly unforgettable album that no playlist or party could possibly be considered complete without this year.

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