Dariann Leigh Releases “Blame It On Me”

Dariann Leigh released her new single “Blame It On Me” as an ode to classic country heartbreak. The fiercely talented singer serenades listeners in the pop country song.

“Blame It On Me” tells the story of a small town relationship not working out. The singer is being blamed for the problems when it wasn’t her fault. Handing herself with grace as always, the song promotes knowing your worth and understanding when to take the blame. The classic country love feel of the song brings back an old sound the music world has missed. Dariann posted after the release of the single stating, “I hope y’all enjoy this song, and all of its reminiscent tones of 2000’s country.”

Listen to “Blame It On Me” on YouTube: https://youtu.be/3tCTUcH7PSM 

The glamorous and effortless singer is from a small town called Karlstad in Minnesota but moved to Nashville to continue to chase her dreams. The singer dreamt to make music for aspiring artists everywhere. Releasing singles since 2019, Dariann is building on her edgy country brand. 

“Blame It On Me” is streaming on all platforms now! https://ffm.to/dariannleigh-blameitonme.OIS 

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