Dane Louis Flies His Red Flag In New Single “Whiskey Wears Off”

Picture a crowded bar buzzing with bar flies and neon lights. Now put singer/songwriter Dane Louis with his dusty blue jeans and signature flowing locks sitting alone on a bar stool. Over his shoulder comes a low toned question tainted by the smell of whiskey and perfume, offering Louis a tempting opportunity. He responds with a caution and clarity as blatant as the “Drink Responsibly” adage on the wall. He says, “I might not love you when the whiskey wears off”.Watch the music video here: https://youtu.be/XZQU5vWvW4I 

This is the dramatic story Louis tells in his new single, “Whiskey Wears Off”. The song is riddled with emotional imagery, balanced out by his country/rock sound and gravely voice. So is this story a true example of Louis’ “red flag” in relationships? He doesn’t say exactly, but he does say “This isn’t a fluff song worries about what anyone thinks about it. We didn’t spare the horses to tell the cold honest truth”. Although the line between reality and fiction is blurred, Louis’ song-storytelling chops are undoubtable. 

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