Dance Singer’s Near-Death Experience Inspires Hope, Love in her Latest Release ‘Perfect’  Written by Kim Cameron 

My story over the past couple of months has been tumultuous at   best. I almost died, suffered a major quality of life set back and   wrote and released a new single with remixes. All of which, I am  thankful every day to be alive, and to be a music maker.  A little over a year ago, I developed atrial fibrillation (in layman’s   terms, irregular heart rhythm) after receiving the second COVID   19 shot. Given my clean heart medical history, and with no   family history of heart disease, it took approximately 7 months,  and half a dozen doctors to correctly diagnose the issue. In    December 2021, my cardiologist felt an elective procedure, called a heart ablation, had a 90%  chance of curing me, given the early stages of my disease.   This procedure scars tissue in your heart to block the  irregular signals. These are scary procedures, however, it   is very common and performed daily as an outpatient   procedure.  After much thought, I decided the odds were in my favor  and scheduled the procedure in-between projects this   year. The day had come, and the surgery went well,  However, in recovery, my heart had decided it had a mind   of its own. I became the small percentage that  overreacted to the ablation. 

Within three and half hours, the sac around my heart and  lungs had filled with so much inflammatory liquid that I was unable to breath, feel my arms or  hands, and then, the dreaded blood pressure dropped to 40. I was dying. Over the course of the  next two hours, emergency surgery was performed, my chest was punctured to extract the fluid  around the heart.  While the procedure was successful, the road to recovery is still my journey. My left lung has  collapsed, now forcing me to retrain my lungs how to breathe and open back up. Simple things  like bending down, are now a goal. This may sound like a sad story, but in fact, it is quite the  opposite. When you are faced with impossible tasks, and near-death experiences, you have a  rare moment in time to see magic.  

My first glimpse of magic was when I arrived home after days in the ICU. The outpouring of love,  gifts, sentiments was incredible. Never had I seen so much caring and genuine kindness. It  touched my soul, deeply. The songwriter in me took phrases like, “it’s like livin’ a dream, have  you next to me,” and “you’re so perfect to me,” to have a new a completely different meaning to them. Produced by Kevin Rockhill, ‘Perfect,’ exudes the  emotions I felt from those surrounding me with hope and  perseverance.  I believe that without true passion inside, people will not feel  that affection in your songwriting. Perfect was created to bring  those soft, tender feelings that often stay hidden from others,  and bring them front and center. I was also lucky to grab the  Bimbo Jones Duo for an amapiano remix and Kitt Wakeley for a   delicious deep house mix.  

My journey will continue, I have no doubt. But now, I see  the road a little differently. Giving up is not something that   a person can do when you have the strength of an army of  friends and family behind you. They will not allow you to   stop, and I for one, never want to disappoint them.  Sometimes, the impossible makes everything possible. 

About Kim: 

Kim Cameron is a high-energy, 2-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping deep house sound who has  toured around the world. She is an award-winning songwriter and film maker. She performed for the NFL twice (Giants, Redskins), National League (Marlins Baseball), touring  across the U.S., Caribbean, Europe and China, in addition to being a featured artist at several  prominent international music festivals including Xiamen Music Festival in China, Dubrovnik  Wave Festival (Croatia), Komen’s for a Cure (Miami) over the past 14+ years.  (