Chicago based, indie rock band The Locals release their best of album:”The Retelling of a Dream: 1997-2023”

Chicago-based indie rock band The Locals are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their latest album, a “best of” compilation spanning their 25-year career. Titled ”The Retelling of a Dream: 1997-2023”, the release will be available for streaming on all major platforms beginning April 11, 2023. Limited edition “25 Year Anniversary” tees are also available via Bandcamp.

Fronted by the talented and dynamic Yvonne Doll, The Locals have been a fixture on the Chicago music scene since their formation in 1998. With seven previous releases under their belt, this “best of” album is a celebration of their enduring legacy and showcases the evolution of their sound over the years.

“We’re so excited to share this album with our fans,” says Doll. “It’s been an amazing 25 years making music together, and we’re proud of everything we’ve accomplished. This album is a way to celebrate our history and look forward to the future. Big changes are coming for the band, but we’re so happy to celebrate 25 years with our fans.”

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Featuring tracks from all seven previous releases (and Yvonne’s solo record), “The Retelling of a Dream: 1997-2023” offers fans both old and new a comprehensive look at the band’s unique blend of punk energy, indie rock sensibility, and raw emotion. From the driving guitar riffs of “Bellissimo” to the haunting vocals of “Eyes Wide Open,” this collection is a testament to The Locals’ unparalleled musicality and dedication to their craft.