Calliope from Athena International

Calliope from Athena International is set to launch soon!~  Calliope is the hub for finding not only your favourite but your next favourite Podcasts and Audio Fictions; be part of the  New Golden Age of Radio as  Audio Fictions are set to be at a popularity level not seen since the 1940’s. It is the  desire for something different than the multitude of streaming shows, with Podcasts and Audio Fiction one is free to walk, bake, do housework or lay on the bed, whatever and be taken on an  audio journey. Additionally part of Calliope:  ISE, short for Immersive Sound Experience, takes the best aspects of audio fiction and cinema then combines  them.

Calliope is the Greek Goddess of eloquent Speech, it is a fitting name for an artform where one has to have “the voice” for audio.   Calliope Network shall be the hub to help navigate, discern and discover the plethora of the thousands of choices out there. Athena International is changing the game with Calliope, bringing back the reboot of radio shows (audio drama/fiction) to the heights of the 1930’s to early 1950’s and the reboot of Talk Radio (the podcast) back to the heights of the 70s’ and 80’s.

ISE is where Audio Fiction  Meets the surround sound of the Cinema!  Movie theatre surround sound was created to give the ears something  never experienced before, it’s only a natural progression that an Audio Fiction should be heard on such a system. Bathed in sound from all points while the screen shows The Artwork from the show along with information on the writer and actors and the end credits roll along with a QR code that people can learn about future ISE events and dramas/podcasts from the production companies.  ISE bridges the gap between cinema and audio drama.

  • What Creators get out of it:   Exposure on a scale never seen before, your audio fiction heard like never before; exposing to new audiences. Get more listeners to your  shows and podcasts
  • What Cinemas get out of ISE:  offering something new, it will draw in a crowd especially since due to the strike just being over there are no new films coming out until middle to late 2024 to early 2025. Movie theatres want people to have an experience that they can not have at home, ISE is that unique cinema  experience. 
  • Audio Fictions that are streaming in Cinemas along with where to find them will be featured on the
  • Cinemas that take part get the added bonus of promotion on Calliope is under construction now, be prepared for an Audio Hub like never before!
From the big to the small to the established to the start up Calliope is the new way of getting your projects out there.  From Cinema, to Audio Production Company to Podcaster be part of Calliope from Athena International. Contact Athena International for more details and enquiries  at or call +1 614 288 1660