Ali Coyle Releases New Heartfelt EP “Songs For My Therapist”

Indie pop sensation Ali Coyle just released her six-track EP entitled Songs For My Therapist. The introspective and vulnerable EP shares an in-depth story of struggle, healing, growth and newfound acceptance through the lens of an openly queer woman as she dives deeper to hone in on the meaningful lessons in her life.

What makes Ali Coyle’s EP so special is that her songs are filled with relatable themes and lyrics for all walks of life. The listener can connect with her music in their own special way, gaining solace and guidance through her soft poetic words and mellifluous instrumentation.

 “Trust Me” is a romantic love song about staying vulnerable when it comes to true love. It’s about “having hope, falling in love and taking a chance,” confides Ali.

“Clear Water,” the last song off the EP, is an emotive, spiritual song about cleansing and rebirth. The soundscapes are filled with tenderness, compassion, and fluidity.

 Ali Coyle is an Irish American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Santa Ana, California. Her music is inspired by the classical training of her younger years mixed with the folk music from her Irish ancestry, and her poetic storytelling captivates listeners from across the globe.

Listen to Ali Coyle’s new EP Songs For My Therapist here as we continue to heal ourselves, together.