Alex Krawczyk Delivers The Highly Replayable “Better Days”

Checking in with Alex Krawczyk and one of my most listened-to albums this month, Le Olam. Her second single, Better Days is tracking incredibly well and gaining the attention it deserves. Following the break-though track There Will Be Light, this folk-inspired songwriter channels good vibrations and happy messages throughout all her pieces. With Better Days, however, listeners are given a more minor bluesy feel, a more tonal, and intimate connection with the subject matter than the typical happy folk song would deliver. Alex Krawczyk keeps her vocals in the lower portion of her alto register while setting up a happy resolution in her crescendo. As the melodies play out, Alex Krawczyk utilizes intricate metaphor and imagery to connect with her audience all the while setting up a happy, content, and optimistic theme which should not be unexpected given the title is Better Days. These better days ahead are all that more inviting given the majestic manner in which the message is being delivered as Alex Krawczyk really pushes hard vocally on this track to maintain that presence and feel. Although it does not stand out, there is something that resonates with the listener after the initial play of Better Days that is a tad unsettling. Upon the multiple listens, I have finally grasped what it is about this performance that leaves such a mark on me. It is that push Alex Krawczyk gives throughout the set-up to the crescendo that creates a powerful tension, a build-up of anticipation that doesn’t quite hit directly in the gut but more of a spiritual presence that is untouchable. The recapitulation of the theme at the outset of Better Days is all that more satisfying and welcoming. Is this a deliberate act on the part of Alex Krawczyk or is this lead-up the result of her professionalism, maturity, and commitment to her art?

Better Days is more than just an enjoyable track, it is uplifting in more than just a spiritual way. This track would make an excellent addition to any Country, Folk, Middle-Of-The-Road, or Adult Contemporary commercial radio playlist. The highly replayable and repeatable nature of the track coupled with the elegant vocal performance makes this track so apt for success. And, as we have seen with the growing number of streams and general acceptance of this project, it seems Alex Krawczyk is well on her way to stardom within the folk genre. The performance vocally and musically is highlighted by the overall production on Better Days, as each of the overtones in Alex Krawczyk’s voice channel clearly and crisply. The accompanying music well fits under that alto voice while allowing Alex Krawczyk to hit those high notes with ease. Le Olam as a complete album delivers a folk experience that carries an uplifting theme, yet Better Days has quickly become my most consumed track of this collection.